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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 10:07am on 20/04/2009
So I hear the guys running Pirate Bay were convicted of copyright infringement and sentenced to a year in jail and assessed a huge fine last week. Now I admit I've never used Pirate Bay for my torrenting, but it is the largest torrent site around at the moment, but I am now worried for the sites that I do use. Granted even if Pirate Bay does end up shutdown (this may not happen as most of the servers are scattered around the world and not actually in physical possession of the guys running the site) it won't take long for someone else to step into their shoes. Really the only way to limit the number of people using torrents would be to kill broadband (you could never stop it entirely as some die hards would still torrent even if they only had dialup), and really that's not likely to happen, and even if it did people would still find a way around it. I'll admit I download a lot of stuff on torrent sites, mostly TV shows as I don't have cable or satellite TV, and I'd really miss it if I couldn't do it anymore. Also it allows me to watch tv shows that's I'd never get to see otherwise, mostly stuff from the UK. I've been watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl this weekend... it's quite fun.
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out of curiosity I clicked on a youtube link on my friends page, it was a clip from a show called Britain's Got Talent, and all I can say is WOW! Generally I avoid most 'reality' TV like the plague, but I was bored so I decided what the heck... and wow am I glad I did. So I'm going to share it with the rest of you as well ;-)

Since the embedded link isn't available, here is a direct link Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

It probably helps that she's singing one of my favourite songs from Les Miserables.
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 05:08pm on 13/04/2009
Just back from Easter lunch at my Dad's, got a belated birthday present... a $150 gift card for Ikea \o/

I need a new bookshelf so looks like I'll be shopping for that sooner rather than later ;-)

It's a nice day out today, finally, sunny and about 10C. Now if only the car alarm that's going off in the parking lot would stop going off.
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 11:02pm on 11/04/2009
I've been home all day, have a ton of stuff to do... so far I've managed to get the laundry done (at 9pm). I really should be upgrading my brother in law's new laptop, working on my CV, cleaning my apartment. Instead I've been watching TV and working on my latest cross stitch project. Spent yesterday shopping at the Byward market (the only place in Ottawa open on Good Friday) followed by a trip to Gatineau (along with half the population of Ottawa) as the stores in Quebec are open on Good Friday, they will have the day off on Monday which I've never understood. Especially since the majority of the population of Quebec is Catholic... you'd think they'd want Good Friday off.

Tomorrow we're having brunch at my sisters and then lunch at my Dad's on Monday.

And hey... new Doctor Who special today :-)
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 12:07pm on 08/04/2009
So I've started sending out resumes. I've also sent an e-mail to my managers manager outlining why they should transfer me as a team lead to the new office in Montreal. So we'll see what happens with that. I've decided not to cancel my trip to Comic Con as I've already bought the plane tickets and I have the money saved for the trip. And should the worst happen and I can't find a job before June 12th then I can always apply for Employment Insurance (considering I've been paying into it for years).

Have I mentioned how much I hate job hunting?

Morale around the office is at an all time low, as you can imagine. And I have to admit it's hard finding the motivation to get out of bed and go to work these days.

But it's Easter this weekend which means 4 day weekend for me ;-)
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 01:59am on 05/04/2009
How did I not know that Primeval season 3 had started? Sadly we'll only get 6 eps, but it's a bright spot in a really suck week.

Now if only Torchwood would start.
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 09:09am on 01/04/2009
I really feel like spending my day (at work) surfing the net and reading fanfic. I probably won't... but I really want to.
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 07:18pm on 31/03/2009
Everyone in my office got laid off today. As of June 12th I will not have a job, I'm hoping that I'll be able to transfer to another department but I'm also going to have to start looking outside the company to see if I can find something. *sigh*

One of the options may mean a move to Montreal or Toronto which I'm not really sure I want to do. Anyway I'm really thinking I should have stayed in bed this morning.

And I have a splitting headache from a combination of stress and the building management testing the fire alarm system off and on all day.
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 04:33pm on 29/03/2009
Despite my hanging of pie plates the cheeky buggers still tried to build another nest... no egg this time but definite nest building activity. I swept away their little collection of twigs, noticed that the pie plates had become tangled up with the sting they're hanging from, untangled them so that they're dangling again and so far so good. I may have to buy one of those stupid plastic owls and see if that helps if this continues...
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posted by [personal profile] enyalie at 10:37pm on 25/03/2009
As I've mentioned previously last September I started buying stock in the company I work for, and every quarter they send me nice little statements showing how much stock I own. Granted it's not a lot because the stock is trading at almost $100 a share. At the moment I think I've bought maybe 7 shares so far (I have an amount deducted from my pay that goes to buy the stock). So I go to get the mail today and I have received a dividend cheque... for $0.01! I think they calculated the dividend based on the amount of shares I owned at the end of the 3rd quarter (which was less than 1 at the time), I'm not really sure what to do with the cheque as I'll feel stupid depositing it.

Oh and apparently I have to vote my proxy when I receive my annual report... not sure what that means so now I will have to do research.
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