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enyalie ([personal profile] enyalie) wrote2009-05-09 12:30 am

Star Trek

Saw Star Trek today... went to the 1:30 show at the IMAX which was packed... there were guys in uniform! Can someone tell me why I have to sit through a 5 minute 'here's what's so great about IMAX' commercial every time I go? And I swear to god the flashing strobe/laser lights are going to give me a seizure one of these days. But I digress

Here are some preliminary thoughts... will need to see this again.

OMG they destroyed Vulcan! Loved ZQ as young Spock, was worried that I wouldn't be able to get past the Syler thing but he was good. Love x a million Karl Urban as Bones, him and Kirk were wonderful together. The scene were Bones keeps injecting him with stuff and the side effect of the giant hands had me howling. Uhura/Spock? unexpected, but interesting. Scotty and his weird alien friend were lots of fun. Old Spock... 'I will always be your friend' *sigh* and Nimoy looks good for his age. Vulcan neck pinch FTW *g*

I went in pretty much unspoiled aside from the trailers and overall I just loved it.

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